October 8, 20191


Christopher Armitage, candidate for US Congress, issues the following statement in response to news that Turkish military forces have started attacking Kurdish people in Syria:

“When I enlisted in the US Air Force, I believed I was joining a force for good in the world. I have worked alongside Kurdish people during my deployments to the Middle East, and I recognize the importance their roles have played in our fight against terrorists in the region.

It is difficult to imagine that the President of the United States is willing to walk away from our obligations in the region and allow tyrants to attack those who have fought beside us against ISIS. Less than twenty-four hours after Trump authorized the withdrawal of US troops, we are now hearing reports that Turkish forces have attacked our Kurdish allies in the region.

From his actions that put refugees in cages on our southern border, to his abandoning of our friends in the Middle East, Donald Trump has proven time and again that he is a threat to national security and reminds us that Congress must act now to remove him from office. I call on President Trump to support removing Turkey from NATO.

I’m running for US Congress because Cathy McMorris Rodgers has enabled this president to act irresponsibly and ignore the national security interests of our nation. Rather than hold him accountable, she’s provided political cover and excuses. The events of today should be a reminder of what happens when politicians put their party before the best interests of people.”

Christopher Armitage is a US Air Force veteran with a Master’s degree in Homeland Security. He is a Democrat running for US Congress in Washington State’s 5th Congressional District. He lives in Spokane, Washington.

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  • Freddie Walker

    October 9, 2019 at 1:59 am

    Christopher Armitage, I too, have served my country via the US Air Force, like you and like you, I certainly understand the calamaties, disasters & dystopian policies, aimed at hurting the poor & darker pigmented citizens. I agree with your assessment of the stench of Cathy McMorris’ Republican Party, although my true sentiments and vocabulary is far more incendiary! This traitor who enables the recklessness & fecklessness of their Twitterer-in-Chief needs to go! Vote for Chris y’all!


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